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Baran is a Kurd whose relatives have helped him to come to Germany after the death of his parents. When his asylum application was rejected just shy of his sixteenth birthday, he survives by running errands for a Turkish restaurant. His errands take him from the finest apartments to the lowest clip joints; confronting him with a Bosnian woman who works in a café or a homeless man who “lives” on a park bench. There’s even a Turkish girl who is keen on him. But to all of them, Baran remains a closed book. When he encounters the seventeenth-year old African Chernor, an illegal and stateless immigrant, at last Baran finds a friend. But while Chernor tries to finance his emigration to Australia by dealing drugs, Baran’s past catches up with him. He keeps encountering an old Kurdish man and one day learns that the man was responsible for his parents’ death. Baran wants to avenge them. When he comes into possession of a gun, he confronts the old man but he is unable to act. Shortly afterwards Baran and Chernor are stopped by the police. Baran escapes but Chernor is arrested. Baran can’t stand to lose his friend. He retrieves his gun and heads for the police station to free him.

Category Official Competition
Section Y Gen
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 100'
Production Year 2003
Nationality Germany
Directed by Yüksel Yavuz
Screenplay Yüksel Yavuz, Henner Winckler
Script Yüksel Yavuz, Henner Winckler
Director of photography Patrick Orth
Editor Lars Späth
Production Design Beatrice Schulz
Costume Design Lore Tesch
Sound Einar Marell
Music Ali Ecber
Main cast Cagdas Bozkurt (Baran)
Leroy Delmar (Chernor)
Nazmi Kirik (Haydar)
Necmettin Çobanoglu (Selim)
Susanna Rozkosny (Alma)
Sunay Girisken (Nergiz)
Produced by Ralph E. Cotta, Peter Stockhaus, Tobias Büchner

a little bit of freedom regYüksel Yavuz

Born 1964, Karakochan (Turkey). He came to Germany in 1980 when he was sixteen. A keen still photographer, he started experimenting with film in 1990, going on to make several documentaries. His 1998 feature film was APRIL CHILDREN (APRILKINDER), a portrait of a Kurdish family whose three children struggle to carve out a niche for themselves between the old and new worlds.


Director’s statement

“My young characters Baran and Chernor portray only two of some hundred thousand people who have to live in illegality in Germany. And there are at least a few million of them in Europe, wound up here beyond war and repelling, yet searching for a 'normal' life. And they become more and more! But what is quite normal in our world today? The "daily battle" goes on, whether you want or not”.

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