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Eighteen year-old Meg has been adrift ever since her father left their family, driving away in a blue car. Now, in her final year of high school, she has finally found a life-line. Her poetry teacher, Mr. Auster, a man who exposes her raw talent and drives her to succeed, introduces her to the wonders of her imagination and seems to genuinely care about her in a way that no one else in her life does. At home, Meg must balance her defiant anger at her over-worked, inattentive mother with her valiant struggle to help her troubled younger sister. But at school, with Mr. Auster, she enters another world where her deepest feelings come to the surface, where she is safe to tell the truth, where she has a future – which seems even more exciting when she wins a school poetry contest and the opportunity to compete in the national finals across the country in Florida. But as Meg prepares for the contest, things begin to disintegrate at home, the bottom falls out of her world and Meg has only one place to turn: Mr. Auster.

Original Title BLUE CAR
Italian Title BLUE CAR
Category Official Competition
Section Y Gen
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 96'
Production Year 2002
Nationality USA
Directed by Karen Moncrieff
Screenplay Karen Moncrieff
Script Karen Moncrieff
Director of photography Rob Sweeney
Editor Toby Yates
Production Design Kristan Andrews
Costume Design Kristan Andrews
Music Adam Gorgoni
Main cast David Strathairn (Auster)
Agnes Bruckner (Meg)
Frances Fisher (Delia)
Margaret Colin (Diane)
A.J. Buckley (Pat)
Regan Arnold (Lily)
Produced by Peer J. Oppenheimer, Eric Karten, David Waters

blue car regKaren Moncrieff

Born 1963, Sacramento, California, USA. She received her B.S. in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and completed the certificate program in Film Studies at Los Angeles City College. She has also written and directed several short films, including the Cine Eagle Award-winning GALATEA'S MAKE-UP. She received the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences' prestigious Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting Award for BLUE CAR, which became her debut feature film. Moncrieff is currently writing an adaptation of the Martin Cruz Smith novel Rose for Miramax, which she will also direct.


Director’s statement

“I’m most interested in people who are flawed, who search for answers and strive to be better. The characters in BLUE CAR are flesh-and-blood human beings who make terrible errors, who show very bad judgment at times, and who struggle against themselves, but to whom we can ultimately relate. These characters – Meg, Lily, Mr. Auster – exist in a world of complex motivations and changing desires. They are never wholly altruistic or wholly selfish. But they elicit compassion, I hope, even when they do the most unfortunate things”.

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