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Ten year-old Jessica is heartbroken when just before Christmas her best friend moves to another town. Her eccentric Aunt Millie, who is visiting for the holidays, decides to tell Jessica a story about friendship and Christmas to make her feel better. The story is about Katie, a little girl who discovers that she has a talent for ice-skating and begins to take lessons from a champion skater. Just when she is starting to be good at the sport, her family is forced to move house and she can no longer go to the rink to train. Meanwhile at the North Pole Blizzard, a young, bizarre-looking reindeer, discovers that she possesses the three magical reindeer gifts: she can fly, she has the power to make herself invisible and she can feel children’s sadness from a distance. It is this last gift that will bring Blizzard to Katie. Soon the child and the reindeer become firm friends and Blizzard helps the girl to make her dream of becoming a champion skater come true. But to do this Blizzard will have to break many of the laws of the North Pole and will risk being exiled.

Original Title BLIZZARD
Category Official Competition
Section First Screens
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 93'
Production Year 2003
Nationality Canada, USA
Directed by LeVar Burton
Screenplay Murray McRae
Script Agnes Bristol, Leif Bristow
Director of photography David Franco
Editor Ralph Brunjes
Production Design Tamara Deverell
Costume Design Abram Waterhouse
Sound Craig Henighan, Stephen Barden
Music Mark McKenzie
Main cast Zöe Warner (Katie)
Brenda Blethyn (zia Millie/aunt Millie)
Christopher Plummer (Babbo Natale/Santa Claus)
Kevin Pollak (capo elfo/chief elf)
Whoopi Goldberg (voce di Blizzard/Blizzard voice)
Josh Buckle (Jack)
Produced by J. Miles Dale, Leif Bristow

blizzard regLeVar Burton

Born 1957, Landstuhl (Germany). An actor and television director, he made his debut in 1976. In 1987 he became famous for his work in the part of Lieutenant Geordi La Forge in the successful cult TV series STAR TREK, of which he also directed numerous episodes since 1987. In 2001 he was Martin Luther King Jr. in the Michael Mann film ALI. BLIZZARD is his latest film as a director.


Director’s statement

"This movie is about the greatest gift of all - the gift of selfless love. It's about the power of friends and how important it is to get back up again when you fall down".


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