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It’s Alice’s 13th birthday and her father Jake’s gift to her is a shiny new gun and a lesson on how to shoot it at the local suburban gun range. He wants to teach his maturing daughter how to “protect herself” in the adult world. Waiting to connect with him, despite her fears Alice forces herself to shoot. To everyone’s surprise she is a naturally great marksman, and she thinks she has finally obtained the approval from her father that she desires so much. But when Jake and Alice return to the real world outside the rifle range, Alice discovers how fleeting that sense of approval can really be.

Original Title GUNPLAY
Category Official Competition
Section Free to Fly
Tipology Short Film
Duration 13' 10''
Production Year 2002
Nationality USA
Directed by Stefanie Berk
Screenplay Stefanie Berk
Script Stefanie Berk
Director of photography Hernan Michael Otano
Editor Debbie Ditkowsky
Production Design Suttirat Anne Larlarb
Music James Lavino
Main cast Lindsay Nyman (Alice)
Harry Prichett (Jake)
Jake Smith (David)
John Tormey (il vecchio/old man)
Produced by Ada C. Chamberlain, Eric Schwarz

Stefanie Berk

Stefanie Berk worked for New York producer Robert Greenhut (BIG, HANNA AND HER SISTERS, WORKING GIRL). She obtained a BA in Rhetoric with an emphasis on film theory from Berkeley University, California, and studied film directing at the Columbia University. GUNPLAY is her first short film.

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