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Polish 12 year-young city Jew Romek gets a crash-course in Catholicsim from his daddy ('stay hanging by your arms till your prayers are perfect') so he can be sent away and escape deportation (Auschwitz?) hiding in the country where the clergy found a host, Gniecio's simple peasant family, posing as their city relative. Gniecio's eldest son Vladek proves rather tyrannical but no brighter then gullible junior Tollo, who takes a role play in catechism class to 'become' a Last Supper character, in his case Jesus, to the extreme, even training for a crucifixion from a tree. Neighbor Batylin and his wife are executed by the Nazis when their illegally kept pig is found. Kluba plays a dirty trick when Gniecio tries to sell his in the city; his son is as problematic for the boys, who meanwhile play involving a single girl-playmate, Maria, who takes Romek in when he's stupidly thrown out by his widowed host by mistake. The horror of war itself suddenly shows its ugly head again, big time and ...

Original Title Edges of the Lord
Italian Title L'ultimo treno
Category Out of competition
Section Reload
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 95'
Production Year 2001
Directed by Yurek Bogayevicz
Screenplay Yurek Bogayevicz
Music Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
Main cast Haley Joel Osment, Willem Dafoe, Richard Banel

 regista yurek bogayeviczYUREK BOGAYEVICZ

Yurek Bogayevicz, born Jerzy Bogajewicz (Poznań, 1948), is a Polish director.
Graduated in 1971 at the Aleksandra Zelwerowicza National Academy of Theater in Warsaw, in 1976 he left Poland to move to the United States.
In 1987 the debut with the film Anna, for which he won an appointment to the Independent Spirit Award as best first feature.
In 1993, he directed the trio William Baldwin, Sherilyn Fenn and Kelly Lynch in the comedy Tre di cuori. Of the 1996 is instead Output of security, film distributed in Italy only in 2001.
Also in 2001 he tells the Second World War in The Last Train.