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Twenty years ago: The final match of the National Football Championship is under way. At the end of the match, Fong, the most important player, accepts a "bribe" from his teammate Hung and misses a crucial penalty kick, which will cost the whole game to the team. This generates the chaos between the stands of the stadium and the fans of the penalized team, blinded by anger, break into the field, and attack Fong, making him forever lame. Today: after many years, Fong, who has had a failed marriage and a broken career behind him, has been reduced to living on the streets like a vagabond. To make matters worse, his old team-mate Hung, who later took his place in terms of notoriety, became the most influential sports figure in the country, within the National Football League ...

Original Title Siu lam juk kau
Italian Title Shaolin Soccer
Category Out of competition
Section Premiere
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 87'
Production Year 2001
Directed by Stephen Chow
Screenplay Stephen Chow, Kan-Cheung Tsang
Music Raymond Wong
Main cast Stephen Chow, Vicki Zhao, Ng Man-Tat, Patrick Tse Yin, Li Hui, Mo Mei Lin, Tim Kai Man

 regista stephen chowSTEPHEN CHOW

He was born in Hong Kong on June 22, 1962, the only male of four children. In 1982 he was admitted by the acting school of the film studios Shaw Bros., where he gets a lot of votes thanks to his way of doing. He gets small roles in broadcasts for children, such as 430 Space Shuttle (Ta loi ji kong wu, 1983), and has the opportunity to work with Ng Man-Tat, with whom he will shoot many of his best films.
After acting school, Chow enters right into the world of cinema. In 1987 he is in the cast of Final Justice (Pik lik sin fung) by Wong Parkman, thanks to which he won a Taiwanese Golden Horse for Best Supporting Actor. The recognition, however, pushes him to abandon his vocation for comedy and to devote himself to action dramas such as Just Heroes (Yi dan qun ying, 1989) by John Woo and Dragon Fight (Long zai tian ya, 1988) together with Jet There. Only with Faithfully Yours (Zui jia nu xu, 1988) by Wong Wah-Kei, alongside another actor brought to the comedy as Jacky Cheung, comes out his true vocation.
1990 is the year of his greatest commercial success: All for the Winner, by Corey Yuen, a parody of the previous year's success, God Wink (Du shen) by Jing Wong. Chow begins to set the basis for his style called "moy len tau", which in Cantonese can be translated as "the nine comes after eight, but the eight has nothing to do with the nine": a game of words to understand the "comedy of the absurd".
The use of Cantonese in Chow's films makes it famous in the territory in a short time, while its physicality makes it famous also abroad.
His 1991 Fight Back to School in Hong Kong beats the box office hit by A Better Tomorrow (Ying huang boon sik, 1986) by John Woo. The same year Chow also shoots Fist of Fury 1991 or Xin jing wu men 1991) in which there are some quotes from Dalla Cina with fury with Bruce Lee (whose Official Fan Club Chow is an honorary member).
Chow's success in subsequent films seems unstoppable.
In 1994 he directed and performed From Beijing With Love, a hilarious parody of James Bond films.
But the Oriental public is notoriously unpredictable, and the director / actor suffers a period of decadence. But in 1996, with the release of God of Cookery, Chow is confirmed as a first-rate Asian star, both as an actor and as a director and screenwriter, although he shoots a few films a year (as opposed to the very prolific Asian standard).
His fame from Asia has come to Hollywood, so much so that an American adaptation of God of Cookery with Jim Carrey as a protagonist is thought, but in the end the project did not come to fruition. The style of Chow's films is perfectly cut out for the Asian environment and culture, and can hardly meet the favors of Western taste.
He gained international fame by directing Shaolin Soccer in 2001, which earned excellent reviews and an excellent box office revenue. The huge success has made possible the arrival of the film also in Italy, with a dubbing entrusted, for some characters, to famous footballers who played in Serie A. Also it was chosen to make use of real Italian dialects to accentuate the comic character work. These dubbing choices, combined with a 20-minute censorship, have met with fierce criticism from fans.
Subsequently turns Kung Fusion that gets a great success (both public and critical) and numerous awards. His latest film is CJ7 - Extraterrestrial Creature, a touching sci-fi comedy that is successful in Hong Kong, but in Italy it finds a distribution only for the home-video market.