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A sea captain goes ashore on a small island in the Pacific, carrying a funnel gramophone under his arm. He meets a native girl with a butterfly on her head. They make love on the shore, while he is playing an aria from "Madame Butterfly" on his gramophone. After their short union he gives her his captain hat and the funnel gramophone, and sails away. Every day she plays the aria, while looking at the horizon, waiting for his return. After nine months she delivers a baby. She is happy with her child, playing with it every day. After some years the ship returns. The sea captain drives a white car out of the vessel and up to the girl at the top of the island. Along with him in his car are his wife and their children. He is happy to find that he has another child here on the island. He and his wife take the child away from the girl and put it in their car. They wave goodbye to the girl, and sail away. In despair the girl runs out into the animation studio, and tears her body into pieces.

Original Title Aria
Italian Title Aria
Category Out of competition
Section Animated Nights
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 11'
Production Year 2001
Directed by Pjotr Sapegin
Screenplay Berit Reiss-Andersen

 regista Pjotr SapeginPJOTR SAPEGIN

Pjotr Sapegin was born on December 4, 1955 in Russia. He is known for his work on Huset på Kampen (1998) and Aria (2001).