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Luca, forty-year-old, carries with him the lacerating memories of his youth destroyed by the abuse of his father. Margherita, also forty, is an assistant district attorney, transferred from Agrigento after undergoing the latest Mafioso “warning”. Together they investigate to discover a criminal organization which produces pornographic videos for the international paedophile market.

Original Title Territori d’ombra
Italian Title Territori d’ombra
Category Out of competition
Section Reload
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 91'
Production Year 2001
Directed by Paolo Modugno
Screenplay Andrea Balzola, Paolo Modugno
Main cast Pino Quartullo, Rosa Ferraiolo, Toni Bertorelli

 regista paolo modugnoPAOLO MODUGNO

Paolo Modugno (Rome, 8 April 1940) is an actor, radio host, director, dialogist and director of Italian dubbing.
Modugno made his debut as an actor-child on Rai in a program alongside Arnoldo Foà; since then it has become a popular voice on the radio. He also makes his debut in the theater, and then in the cinema he is a performer in films such as Guards and thieves, Tototarzan, Giacobbe and Esau, Il caso Pisciotta, Heat wave.
In television he began acting, participating in comedies and scripted novels, including An American tragedy (of 1962, directed by Anton Giulio Majano), David Copperfield, The Mauritius case, Treasure Island, Life with his father and mother, Eugenia Grandet.
In 1971 he was an author, director and interpreter of some theatrical performances.
Since 1976 he has collaborated on RadioRai programs, as author and director of scripted novels and live broadcasts of which he is also conductor, as "Radio Anch'io", as well as numerous programs of various kinds: from the variety "Under the sun, above the moon ", to the dramaturgically reworked biography, to the radio documentary.
He is the author of a radio drama entitled "Il grande silenzio radio", produced by Radiouno for a congress of the U.E.R. and broadcast in various countries of the world.
He then made a series of 13 documentaries entitled "The Long Shadow of the Rainbow" and an on the road travel diary in the United States, "The Oblique Road". In the 90s he directed the radio original in sixty episodes «Dancing Esperia».
He is the author and conductor of the program «Course Italy / Voices and sounds from the province».