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The inspector of the Sciarra police is expected to ask for a last favor from his former colleagues (he has closed with the service). During the interrogation of an individual strongly suspected of having raped Sunday, a child, he threw himself from the window dying on the spot. Sciarra, who had dealt with the case, must take the child to the morgue for recognition. Thus began the "journey" in the city of Naples of a small already hardened by pain, but still full of all the ingenuity of childhood and a man who, as we will know shortly thereafter, has resigned because he has little time to live. Sunday, who lives in an orphanage and has never known either father or mother, initially refuses to follow Sciarra. He tries several times to sow it but he finds it again using the indications of a police informer. At the end of a day in which the load of pain brought by the two has the opportunity to appear fused with an urgent need for life and cleanliness, the morgue will be reached.

Original Title Domenica
Italian Title Domenica
Category Out of competition
Section Reload
Tipology Feature Film, Fiction
Duration 95'
Production Year 2001
Nationality Italy
Directed by Wilma Labate
Screenplay Wilma Labate, Bruno Roberti, Sandro Petraglia
Music Paolino Dalla Porta
Main cast Claudio Amendola, Domenica Giuliano, Annabella Sciorra

 regista wilma labateWILMA LABATE

Wilma Labate was born on December 4, 1949 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. She is a director and writer, known for La mia generazione (1996) and Roma dodici Novembre 1994 (1995)