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In the village of Dingwall, an old and generous Duke often sells things that belong to him to help the poor. His faithful companion is Hubert, a dog who brings him his newspaper every morning after going to see his girlfriend, the little dog, Daisy. With the Duke live his major domo, Clive and his American niece Charlotte, who is Hubert’s best friend. When the Duke becomes ill, his greedy nephew Cecil hopes that he will soon possess the Duke’s heritage so that he can sack all the staff and stop all help for the villagers. However the Duke guesses his intentions and puts a stop to them. When the Duke dies, Cecil discovers that the heritage will go entirely to Hubert, and his only tutor is Charlotte.

Original Title The duke
Italian Title The Duke
Category Official Competition
Section Premiere
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 88'
Production Year 1999
Nationality Iceland
Directed by Philip Spink
Screenplay Craig Detweiler
Main cast John Neville, James Doohan, Courtnee Draper

 regista Philip SpinkPHILIP SPINK