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Four kids and a dog embark on the adventure of a lifetime -- the search for the end of the Rainbow. With the aid of computers and an irrepressible belief, they achieve the impossible, finding and riding the multicolored arc. But the gold they take starts a more dangerous adventure, because gold gives the Rainbow energy and the Rainbow gives the world its colors...and if earth loses the color green, no oxygen can be produced. As the world turns black and white, the children battle time and disbelief to restore the Rainbow's power...and save the world.

Original Title Rainbow
Italian Title Rainbow - Il mondo segreto dei colori
Category Official Competition
Section Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 98'
Production Year 1995
Nationality United Kingdom
Directed by Bob Hoskins
Screenplay Robert Sidaway
Main cast Willy Lavendel, Bob Hoskins, Jack Fisher

 regista BobhoskinsBOB HOSKINS

Hoskins was born in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, on October 26, 1942, son of Robert Hoskins, an accountant and ex-truck driver, and Elsie Lillian Hoskins (born Hopkins), a cook and kindergarten teacher. of Hoskins was of Romanesque ethnicity.
At the age of two he settled with his parents at Finsbury Park (London). Abandoned his studies at the age of 15 with an O-Level, Hoskins kept himself through occasional jobs such as the porter, the truck driver, the glass cleaner, the plumbing assistant, the firefighter and the fire-eater in a circus, until when he did not enter, as a sailor, in the Norwegian merchant marine. In the meantime he attended a three-year accounting course, which never completed.
At the age of 25, accompanying a friend to an audition, he was chosen for a small part in a theatrical production. During the course of specialization, an agent advised him to continue the road of acting and organized several auditions for him. He began to play the scenes first as a substitute and later as an actor in all respects, acting in theaters such as London's Royal Court and the National Theater, then becoming part of the Royal Shakespeare Company. He began his film career with a small part in the film Al fronte in 1972 and, three years later, he covered his first leading role in the film The pornographer (Inserts), flanked by a young Richard Dreyfuss. But it is in 1980 that Hoskins, with the brilliant rendition of London gangster Harold Shand in The Long Good Friday, catches the critics' attention. After playing the protagonist's manager in the movie Pink Floyd The Wall (1982), he plays the role of George, an ex-recycled collector driver in the service of Simone, a high-profile black prostitute, whom he soon became infatuated with. film by Neil Jordan Mona Lisa (1986). Thanks to this intense interpretation he won the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the award for best male interpretation at the Cannes Film Festival, in addition to obtaining an Oscar nomination for best actor. He was contacted last as a substitute for the film The Untouchables if Robert De Niro had decided not to play Al Capone. When De Niro accepted the part, director Brian De Palma sent Hoskins a £ 20,000 check with "Thank You", and Hoskins replied immediately, writing to De Palma to always call him in films where he did not want his presence . The international fame will come only in 1988 thanks to the role of private investigator Eddie Valiant in Who framed Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) by Robert Zemeckis, in which he recites alongside several protagonists of the world of animation. Able to juggle brilliantly both in dramatic and tough "gangster" roles and in comedy roles, he takes part in several films such as Francis Ford Coppola's Cotton Club (1984), Terry Gilliam's Brazil (1985), A Phantom for a Friend (Heart Condition ) (1990), where he shares the scene with Denzel Washington, Sirene (Mermaids) (1990), opposite Cher and Winona Ryder, Hook - Captain Hook (Hook) (1991), alongside Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts, Super Mario Bros. (1993), where he plays the hero of the homonymous videogame series.
Impersonated Lavrentij Pavlovič Berija in The Projectionist (The Inner Circle) by Russian director Andrej Končalovsky, J. Edgar Hoover in the film Intrigues of Power (Nixon) by Oliver Stone (1995.
In 1995 he debuted for the first time in dubbing with the animated film Balto, covering the role of the Russian goose Boris.