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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1994 - 30 July.6 August

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Eleven-year old Preston’s bicycle gets flattened by a flashy new Jaguar driven by the shady Quigley, a launderer of dirty money. To hush up the matter and avoid problems with the police, he writes a cheque for the damage, but forgets to write in the amount. Preston decides to take advantage of the situation and makes the cheque out for a milion dollars.

Original Title Blank Check
Italian Title Ho trovato un milione di dollari
Category Out of competition
Section Premiere
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 93'
Production Year 1994
Nationality USA
Directed by Rupert Wainwright
Screenplay Blake Snyder, Colby Carr
Main cast Brian Bonsall, Karen Duffy, James Rebhorn

 regista rupert wainwrightRUPERT WAINWRIGHT

Rupert Wainwright was born on November 30, 1961 in England. He is a director and writer, known for Open Window (1989).