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While they're waiting at the Caracas airport for the flight that will take them back to the United States, Jane Morris and her eleven-year-old son Danny and daughter Pearl are involved in a sensational adventure. A local craftsman who used hand-made dolls to smuggle diamonds in and out of the country gives one to Pearl as a gift. But when she accidentally drops it on the floor of the airport, the diamonds scattering all over the ground right under the eyes of the police, Jane is arrested and the children are handed over to a functionary at the American Embassy. Danny runs away because he wants to go back to the airport and track down the craftsman who gave his sister the doll. Instead, he comes up against a gang of street kids who steal all his clothes, Miguel beats him up, but Danny ends up joining them. The gang has a series of adventures in which Miguel and Danny become friends, and the boys end up finding the smuggler and turning him in to the police. Danny's mother is out of jail at last.

Original Title Mamma ci penso io
Italian Title Mamma ci penso io
Category Out of competition
Section Honorary Partecipation
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 91'
Production Year 1992
Nationality Italy
Directed by Ruggero Deodato
Screenplay Oddone Cappellino
Music Mario Raja
Main cast Christopher Masterson, Elizabeth Kemp, John Rothman

 regista ruggero deodatoRUGGERO DEODATO

Ruggero Deodato (Potenza, 7 May 1939) is an Italian director and screenwriter. Initially a director of Italian comedies and detective stories (poliziotteschi), he established himself with the direction of horror films, in particular of cannibal genre, becoming known for the extreme content of his films, which brought him numerous problems with the censorship and procured Monsieur Cannibal's nickname.
Cannibal Holocaust, probably his most famous film, is considered one of the most chilling and controversial in the history of cinema, for which Deodato even ended up in court. Together with a film career, he also works for television, directing several television series and commercials for brands such as Piaggio, Fiat, Philips, Carrera and many others.
Deodato has influenced directors such as Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth.