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A castaway is interrogated by Interpol, conquered by an imperialist ship, loses his lone palm tree to greedy loggers, is consoled by a missionary who promptly abandons him, is thoroughly examined by scientists, and harassed by journalists.

Original Title Ostrov
Italian Title L'isola
Category Out of competition
Section Cortocartoon
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 10'
Production Year 1973
Nationality Russia
Directed by Fyodor Khitruk
Screenplay Fyodor Khitruk
Original Voices Elena Chepoy

 regista Fyodor KhitrukFYODOR KHITRUK

Fyodor Savelyevich Khitruk (1 May 191) is a Russian animator and animation director.
Khitruk was born in Tver (Russian Empire), into a Jewish family. He came to Moscow to study graphic design at the OGIS College for Applied Arts. He graduated in 1936 and started to work with Soyuzmultfilm in 1938 as an animator. From 1962 onwards, he worked as a director. His first film The Story of a Crime was an immense success. Today, this film is seen[by whom?] as the beginning of a renaissance of Soviet animation after a two-decade-long life in the shadows of Socialist realism.
Diverging from the “naturalistic” Disney-like canons that were reigning in the 1950-60s in Soviet animated cartoons, he created his own style, which was laconic yet multi-level, non-trivial and vivid.
He is the director of outstanding animated short films including such classics as his social satire of bureaucrats, Chelovek v ramke (The Man in the Frame) (1966), the philosophic parable, Ostrov (Island) (1973) about the loneliness of a man in modern society, the biographical film Ein Junger Mann namens Engels - Ein Portrait in Briefen (1970), based on drawings and letters of young Engels, the parody Film, film, film! (1968), and the anti-war film, Lev i byk (The Lion and the Bull) (1984).