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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1989 - 29 July.6 August

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A 6-year-old girl, Sarah, runs away from her orphanage. She does not want to part with her little dog, Toto, who gives him a lot of affection. She met then Aurélien Brada, former Formula 1 driver, whose career was broken due to an accident. Aurélien Brada decides to protect little Sarah in her runaway. They cross on their way various characters (a mad escape from an asylum, a breeder polecat, representatives of authority, a noble driving a Rolls Royce, Dédé-la-Terreur, nuns ...) and are pursued relentlessly by Commissioner Franquette. After many adventures, the heroes escape by helicopter to the sunny shores of Oceania.

Original Title Divine enfant
Italian Title Divina Creatura
Category Out of competition
Section Kids in the French Cinema
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 83'
Production Year 1989
Nationality France
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky
Screenplay André Ruellan, Jean-Pierre Mocky
Music Hubert Rostaing
Main cast Laura Martel, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Sophie Moyse

 regista jean pierre mockyJEAN-PIERRE MOCKY

Jean-Pierre Mocky, stage name of Jean-Paul Adam Mokiejewski (Nice, 6 July 1933), is a French director, screenwriter, actor, film producer and editor.
He is a very prolific author (even three films in a year) who often writes and produces his own films, often linked to current events and events with an anarchist vein.
The son of Polish immigrants (his father, Adam Mokiejewski, was of Jewish origin, while his mother, Janine Zylinska, was a non-practicing Catholic), Mocky began his film career as an actor at the age of 15, starring in The troublemakers, God needs of men, The stragglers (1955) and La fossa dei disperati (1959). At the age of 26, he directed his first feature, Women's Dragers.