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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1989 - 29 July.6 August

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Ale and Bibo live alone with the cook and the driver. The parents are far away, absorbed by the work, and their presence is manifested only through an infinite amount of wonderful toys. A new presence now enters children's lives: it is a Tata, a little mysterious perhaps, but fascinating and very sweet. But who is really the new Tata? And where does it come from? It is she, on the occasion of a funeral, to tell the children of Paradise, of the love and happiness that it includes. In Heaven there is never darkness, there is always light, in Heaven there is so much love and it is in heaven. For the children, who look anxiously at the starry sky, finding the way to this world of love becomes an imperative. That's why they secretly kill insects and small animals. But none of these, dying, reveals to them the road to Paradise. Maybe there are only people going there? The two children let themselves be carried away by the imagination. Reality will take care to awaken them from sleep.

Original Title Blu elettrico
Italian Title Blu elettrico
Category Official Competition
Section Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 100'
Production Year 1988
Nationality Italy
Directed by Elfriede Gaeng
Screenplay Elfriede Gaeng
Music Stelvio Cipriani
Main cast Claudia Cardinale, Athina Cenci, William Berger, Matteo Mobilia, Sara Triulzi, Lorenzo Smerillo, Gianna Paola Scaffidi

 regista Elfriede GaengELFRIEDE GAENG

Elfriede Gaeng: born in Weizen (Germany) on November 23, 1944, from a German father and an Italian mother. She is an Italian citizen. She has always lived in Rome. She leaves law studies for the show. She starts with photography and writes radio plays for Rai. Director and screenwriter, writes and directs the feature film Blu Elettrico, starring Claudia Cardinale and co-produced by Rai, which is reported in various foreign festivals. She writes screenplays for the cinema and television fiction (La squadra e Un posto al sole). Documentarist, over the years produces and directs more than eighty documentaries for Rai 3.