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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1988 - 30 July.7 August

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In the fantastic world of the "bosque animado" meet some people who have been transported to this place by a magic force. Now their histories cross one another.

Original Title El bosque animado
Italian Title Il bosco animato
Category Out of competition
Section Kids in the Spanish Cinema
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 107'
Production Year 1987
Nationality Spain
Directed by José Luis Cuerda
Screenplay Rafael Azcona
Main cast Alfredo Landa, Alejandra Grepi, Tito Valverde

 regista José Luis CuerdaJOSÉ LUIS CUERDA

José Luis Cuerda Martínez (Albacete, February 18, 1947) is a Spanish director, screenwriter and producer. As director his most outstanding films are the language of the butterflies, adaptation of a story by Manuel Rivas, and the trilogy called "surruralism", composed by Total, Sunrise that is not little and So in heaven as on earth. It is, according to his own rope, "a twisting reality that remains reality." In his production role, he was the first producer and in some way discoverer of Alejandro Amenábar.