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It is the story of three friends: Roberto, who arrived in Rome with the dream of becoming a film director, Ben, who aspires to become a producer, and the young Cico, who is a comedian. The latter soon falls in love with the Cica bank, while Roberto meets Francesca, who works on television and deals with fashion and costume services.

Original Title Il momento magico
Italian Title Il momento magico
Category Out of competition
Section New Trends
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 110'
Production Year 1984
Nationality Italy
Directed by Luciano Odorisio
Screenplay Luciano Odorisio, Gaetano Stucchi
Main cast Stefania Sandrelli, Sergio Castellitto, Fabio Traversa

 regista luciano odorisioLUCIANO ODORISIO

Luciano Odorisio was born in Chieti, from a father musician, violin, and with an uncle who owns the only two cinemas in the city. Very young, he left for Rome, where he trained professionally. Ghost Writer for several screenwriters and help-director of Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Folco Lulli, Maurizio Ponzi, Marco Ferreri, Francesco Maselli, Silverio Blasi, etc.
In the sixties he plays several films including a role in a western by Enzo G. Castellari Vado ... I kill him and I go back and another western, Kill cold, by Guido Celano, director-actor, originally from Abruzzo too , with whom he establishes a nice professional and human association so much to want him then as an actor in his first films: Authorized Educator, Sciopèn and Via Paradiso.
After the debut film Educator Authorized (1980), which won the Rizzoli Prize as "Best Opera Prima 1980" and a recognition at the Festival du Cinema Italien in Nice, directs Sciopèn (1982), with Michele Placido, Adalberto M. Merli, Giuliana De Sio, Anna Bonaiuto, Tino Schirinzi, a film that has achieved great success abroad and Leone d'oro in Venice as "Best first or second opera", as well as other international awards, including the First Prize at the International Film Festival of San Sebastián, Globe of Gold Foreign Press, etc., and a Silver Mask to the poor Tino Schirinzi as best supporting actor. Sciopèn marks the debut on the big screen by Giuliana De Sio and Anna Bonaiuto.
Then follow Magic Moments with Stefania Sandrelli, who sees the debut of Sergio Castellitto, Rodolfo Laganà, Paola Tiziana Cruciani, and La monaca di Monza, which reconstructs the true story of Sister Virginia de Leyva and which marks the debut of Alessandro Gassmann.