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Nu, pogodi! is a Soviet cartoon developed in brief episodes produced by the state-owned Sojuzmul'tfil'm studio in Moscow since 1969, when the pilot episode was made, inserted as the fourth and last cardboard in the Vesëlaja karusel 'collection. The following first sixteen episodes (the so-called gold bulletins), directed by Vjačeslav Kotënočkin, were produced until 1986.
The episodes revolve around the Wolf's attempts to capture the Hare - presumably to eat it - through different gimmicks, much like what is seen in the animated series of Wile E. Coyote and Beep Beep or Tom and Jerry. The two characters do not have an explicit name.
There are very few jokes in the episodes, rich instead of noises, grunts, laughter and songs. The "trademark" of the series and unquestionable torment is the final punch, pronounced by the Wolf to the failure of his plans, hence the title of the series ("Hare, you'll pay for it!").
Many of the actions are synchronized with well recognizable music, ranging from classical music to the "pop" hits of the time.

Original Title Nu, pogodi
Italian Title Bada a te!
Category Out of competition
Section Soviet Cinema for Kids
Tipology Animation, TV Series
Duration 10'
Production Year 1969
Nationality U.S.S.R.
Directed by Vyacheslav Kotionochkin

 regista vjacheslav kotyonochkinVYACHESLAV KOTIONOCHKIN

Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin was born on June 20, 1927 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR as Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Kotyonochkin. He is known for his work on Nu, pogodi! (1969), Mezha (1967) and Na lesnoy trope (1975).