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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1985 - 27 July.4 August

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Against the backdrop of a vague Fascist climate of the 1930s, and on the environment of a populated Venice, the events of three gangs of boys take place, competing for the purchase of an old boat, refurbishing and retouching in flaming red by Cencio, a young friend of theirs. For the purchase of the boat Cencio requires twelve thousand "cimbali", a unique coin invented at the time by the boys of Venice and by many other peers of various cities of Italy, consisting of caps of beer bottles, gazzosa and orange, well hammered and flattened. Sergio, Franco, Romano and Marco have painstakingly totaled several thousand "cimbali" and keep them jealously kept in a "roof" of the house, waiting to reach the number necessary to purchase the desired boat. But the mysterious invitation to an appointment, thrown into the classroom by a window during a lecture by prof. Calimani, through the tried and tested paper arrow system, and signed MORCA, excites the imagination of the boys, who decide to launch themselves into the adventure. A little yellow begins, which unleashes the boys in a passionate investigation, as many detectives. But the mysterious MORCA does not appear at the appointment, which soon turns out to be an expedient to remove the boys from the roof and rob them of their treasure. The boys are determined to discover the author of the blow and it is also secretly involved the professor, also intrigued him about the identity of the MORCA, without making it leaked to the students. Who is the Morca? who is the thief? The tracks of the survey are more than one: the young violinist of the adjoining apartment? Cobra and the Spider, leaders of the rival gangs? Or even one of their band? While the investigation continues, Cencio has sold the boat and does not want to reveal the name of the buyer. Will the boat track, followed with tenacious determination by the robbed, lead them to unveil "the mystery of the MORCA"?

Original Title Il mistero del Morca
Italian Title Il mistero del Morca
Category Official Competition
Section Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90'
Production Year 1984
Nationality Italy
Directed by Marco Mattolini
Main cast Adriano Arricco, Gian Enrico Bianotti, Alderico Bianchini, Filippo Bogaloni, Serena Degal

 regista marco mattoliniMARCO MATTOLINI

Marco Mattolini (Florence, 15 December 1950) is a director, screenwriter and Italian television author.
After an apprenticeship in the basic theater groups of Florence (1969 - 1974), a period as a cultural organizer in ARCI (1972 - 1977), a degree in Pedagogy at the University of Florence (with a thesis on the educational function of theatrical activities basic - 110 cum laude) and work in the "Long Range" (1977 - 1979) film cooperative of which he became president and producing the film The Days Sung by Paolo Pietrangeli, a series of specials for Rai Tre, some performances by Giovanna Marini, including Requiem, represented with great success by audiences and critics in Rome and Vienna, in 1980 made his debut in theatrical direction with the first reduction of Il bacio della donna spno by Manuel Puig with Giulio Brogi.