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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1984 - 28 July.5 August

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During the war a soldier on the train imagines a fairytale for his children in which a fairy Illusia has lost wings and can not migrate risks death during the winter. War affects the imagination of man. The film is based on the novel by Captain Yrjö Kokko during the war.

Original Title Pessi ja Illusia
Italian Title Pessi e Illusia
Category Official Competition
Section Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 81'
Production Year 1984
Nationality Finland
Directed by Heikki Partanen
Screenplay Heikki Partanen, Erkki Mäkinen, Jorma Kairimo, Riitta Rautoma
Music Jean Sibelius, Kari Rydman, Antti Hytti
Main cast Annu Marttila, Eija Ahvo, Jorma Uotinen

 regista heikki partanenHEIKKI PARTANEN

Heikki Juhani Partanen (January 29, 1942, Helsinki) was a Finnish film director and producer and animator. His most famous films are Ramses and Dreams (1982) and Pessi and Illusia (1983), which he directed and produced. He alone and with the others won a total of four Jussi prizes. He was working with his wife Riitta Rautoman (1944) with the production company Partanen & Rautoma.
Partanen studied at the School of Art and Design School of Film and Theater in 1960-1963 and served as Assistant to Camerata in 1965-1968. His short jubilee animation, Minna and Merihärkä, made his debut with Juha Soisalo in 1964, was awarded in the Northlife Contest. Partanen is remembered for his classical Hinku and Vinku and Käytöskukka compositions, which he made in 1964-1968, in which good teaching was taught to children. Puppies Hinku and Vinku, as well as a bad-tempered Grandfather, were adventurous. In 1966, the first Hinku and Vinku series received the best television film in Juss's children's series and was also awarded the State Film Prize and the Moscow Film Festival.
Partanen worked with his wife Riitta Rautoma from the 1960s onwards.