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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1982 - 31 July.8 August

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The Faragó family, with three children, is a bit crowded with a lively, yet fully autonomous life in its small apartment in Budapest, while the nearby Belvízies live in their luxuriously furnished apartments exclusively for their only child. Of course the Faragó continue to have humor, love and exuberant energy, making life attractive for themselves and their environment.

Original Title A szeleburdi család
Italian Title Una famiglia irresponsabile
Category Official Competition
Section Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 75'
Production Year 1981
Nationality Hungary
Directed by György Palásthy
Screenplay Ágnes Bálint, György Palásthy
Main cast Bela Ernyey, Andrea Drahota, János Szanyi

  regista gyorgy palasthyGYÖRGY PALÁSTHY

György Palásthy (Esztergom, 12 January 1931) Hungarian director and screenwriter, winner of the Balázs Béla Prize.
His parents were Palásthy Sándor and Anna Blahovics. He studied electrical engineering when he won a literary competition at the age of 16. In 1950 he was admitted to the College of Theater and Film, where he graduated in 1954 as a director. He then became a member of the Mafilm. His first work was Puppy's screenplay in 1959. He was one of the first leaders of Balázs Béla Studio, founded in 1959. Since 1960 he has also worked for Hungarian television. In 1961, Everyone is innocent? it was the first self-organized film. In 1962 he married David Ilona. His three sons are Ágnes (1954), György (1958) and Beáta (1963). Since 1969 he has organized films for children. He is a member of the Bureau of the Film Association.