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Adriana, a very beautiful woman, is married to Carlo, but their marriage is in crisis because Adriana would like to take a photo model. The two have a nine-year-old daughter, Monica. Monica is taken care of above all by her father, who however is often far from home for work reasons; the girl, on the other hand, feels neglected by her mother, who spends a lot of time to take care of her own goodness, neglecting her daughter's wishes.
Adriana, courted by Riccardo, a wealthy entrepreneur from Florence, leaves the family. The child suffers because of her mother's distance. Accompanied by her father in St. Peter's Square, the child manages to approach Pope John Paul II and tell him that his greatest desire is to live with his mother. Later Monica gets sick. Adriana leaves Riccardo, returns home to attend the girl with her husband; who dies, nevertheless happy to have reunited his parents.

Original Title Profumi e balocchi
Italian Title Profumi e balocchi
Category Official Competition
Section Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90'
Production Year 1979
Nationality Italy
Directed by Angelo Jacono
Screenplay Adriano Belli, Ezio Pizzi, Angelo Jacono
Music Stelvio Cipriani
Main cast Cintia Lodetti, Gianni Macchia, Gino Santercole, Leslie D'Olive, Ezio Pizzi, Emilio Conciatori

 regista angelo jaconoANGELO JACONO

Angelo Iacono, or Angelo Jacono (Tunis, 27 November 1936), is an Italian film producer and director.
He worked in the film industry first in an occasional way in the early sixties (assistant director of Roberto Rossellini in Anima nera, Federico Fellini's production secretary in 8½) and then devoted himself to productive activity. His collaboration with Dario Argento was very important. In 1979 he had the only experience of directing: Perfumes and toys whose female protagonist is his wife Cintia Lodetti.