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Buddy and his Indian friend Yérome lead an adventurous life and with the help of some wooden silhouettes covered with feathers scare and rob the passengers of the deligences. One day, chased by a cavalry officer and a real tribe of Indians, they take refuge in a village where first Buddy pretends to be a doctor and then decides to help the inhabitants get rid of the fierce band of Colorado Slim. The bandits, secretly agree with the sheriff, terrorize the inhabitants to make them escape and take advantage of the gold lying under the village.

Original Title Occhio alla penna
Italian Title Occhio alla penna
Category Official Competition
Section Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 92'
Production Year 1981
Nationality Italy
Directed by Michele Lupo
Screenplay Sergio Donati
Music Ennio Morricone
Main cast Bud Spencer, Joe Bugner, Piero Trombetta

 regista michele lupoMICHELE LUPO

Michele Lupo (Corleone, December 4, 1932) is an Italian film director.
From the fifties to the early sixties he began his career as assistant director, until the film debut of "Maciste, the world's strongest gladiator" (1962), of which he signed two sequels. After directing some mythological films, he moved to the direction of detective and westerns as "Master shot in the service of his British Majesty" and "Friend, stay away at least a hand ...". At the end of the eighties he has signed together with Bud Spencer and Elio Scardamaglia a sci-fi comic movie like "An extra-terrestrial sheriff ... not too much and very terrestrial" and the sequel to "I wonder why ... they all happen to me", the sportsmen "They called him Bulldozer" and "Bomber" and the western "Occhio alla penna". The Sicilian director was also one step away from signing the direction of the film "My name is Nobody" but after a fight with Sergio Leone (producer of the film) due to a diatribe on the screenplay was practically hunted by the Roman director, to his at the suggestion of Ernesto Gastaldi, he was called Tonino Valerii.