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The adventures of two boys' high school life. The film is divided into phases:
1. The magic benches: I meet the somewhat crazy pews of the good old school time.
2. The chemistry lesson; or the moods of a funny teacher.
3. Execution: Biology lesson in the welcoming bosom of green nature.
4. The literature course: ... or the strictly personal concept that Mr. Schmidt had.
5. The final exam: ... or rather after the exam, when the school walls awaken and revive at the sound of the street.
6. The final banquet and the farewells.

Original Title Suli-buli
Italian Title Baccano nel collegio
Category Official Competition
Section Competition
Tipology Short Film
Duration 72'
Production Year 1981
Nationality Hungary
Directed by Ferec Varsányi
Screenplay Géza Bereményi, Mihály Kertész
Main cast Emese Altorjay, Gábor Fetter, Orsolya Gaál

 regista ferenc varsànyiFERENC VARSÁNYI

Throughout his 30 year career in the entertainment industry, Varsanyi has won multiple awards including a Daytime Emmy for his work directing the first 15 episodes of Klasky Csupo's "The Rugrats" and has worked all over the world from Hollywood to Korea to Taiwan to Europe producing and directing major animation projects. Born and raised in his native land of Hungary, Varsanyi has been writing and directing hundreds of live action, animated, and mixed genre (live action mixed with animation) films since the mid 1970s. His productions have won him notoriety as a filmmaker both in Hungary and abroad. Including the mentioned Daytime Emmy Award for "The Rugrats", Golden Rose Award in Montreux for "Variations" (TV series), the First Price and The Special Prize of the Jury on two International Festivals of Film Comedies for his short and long feature animated films, several First and Grand Prizes on different local festivals, three times Presidential Award of the MTV for his TV series, and Youth Award of the Hungarian Cultural Ministry for his own feature film: "Schooltime Blues".
Throughout his career, Varsanyi has worked with such notable studios as Pannonia Film Studio (Eastern Europe's leading producer of Animation throughout the 1970s), and as the world famous Varga Studio, and Klasky-Csupo Inc., in Hollywood California.
Also he has published 3 fantasy books: "Secret of the Dragon Land", "The Demon", and "The Shaman". He was the producer of 3 short animated project made by Marcell Jankovics and Balazs Pal - in his own company. He was lecturer the Hungarian Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, the Pannnonia Film, Varga Studio and Faludi Academy as well.