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A white dog called Bim is looking for its owner. It encounters all kinds of people and situations.     

Original Title Belyy Bim Chernoe ukho
Italian Title Bim bianco dall'orecchio nero
Category Out of competition
Section Out of Selection
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 182'
Production Year 1977
Nationality U.S.S.R.
Directed by Stanislav Iosifovič Rostockij
Screenplay Stanislav Iosifovič Rostockij
Music Andrey Petrov
Main cast Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Valentina Vladimirova, Mikhail Dadyko

 regista stanislav rostotskySTANISLAV IOSIFOVIČ ROSTOCKIJ

Stanislav Rostotsky was born in Rybinsk on April 21, 1922 into a Russian-Polish family. His grandfather Boleslaw Rostotsky served as a General in the Imperial Russian Army and a prosecutor on Emperor's personal order. His father Iosif Boleslawovich Rostotsky (1890—1965) was an acclaimed doctor, docent, author of 200 monographs, as well as a secretary of the Scientific Medical Council at the People's Commissariat for Health. His mother Lidia Karlovna Rostotskaya (1882—1964) was a milliner turned a housewife. He had a brother Boleslaw Norbert Iosifovich Rostotsky (born 1912), a famous theater historian during the Soviet days.
At the age of five Stanilsav watched Battleship Potemkin and became obsessed with cinema. In 1936 he met Sergei Eisenstein and took part in his unfinished Bezhin Meadow movie as an actor. Eisenstein became his teacher and good friend later on. He convinced Stanislav that only a well-read and educated person may become a film director. This influenced his decision to enter the Institute of Philosophy and Literature in 1940, with an intention to enter VGIK.
In 1942 he was enrolled in the Red Army. He left for the front line in a year. As a private he served in the 6th cavalry corps and traveled from Vyazma through Smolensk to Rivne, taking part in battles.