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This epic is a mass amalgamation of three separate film-types that is, contrary to popular opinion, coherent and a unified whole. Bob Dylan is shown in concert, often masked, during the Rolling Thunder Revue. The film also features documentary footage, including Ruben "Hurricane" Carter's struggle against the forces that have imprisoned him. The third element is fictional "role-playing" footage with Bob Dylan in the guise of guitar-strumming Renaldo and his wife Sara as his companion Clara. Ronnie Hawkins takes on the role of Bob Dylan in these sequences. The film includes footage of a visit to the grave of Jack Kerouac, an Allen Ginsberg poetry reading and various friends and acquaintances, namely David Blue (playing pinball by a swimming pool), discussing experiences on the road.

Category Out of competition
Section Review "Youth Problems in Contemporary Cinematography"
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 122'
Production Year 1978
Nationality USA
Directed by Bob Dylan
Screenplay Bob Dylan, Sam Shepard
Main cast Bob Dylan, Sara Dylan, Joan Baez

 regista bob dylanBOB DYLAN

Bob Dylan, pseudonym of Robert Allen Zimmerman (Duluth, May 24, 1941), is an American singer-songwriter and composer.
Distinguished also as a writer, poet, and radio host, he has established himself as one of the most important figures in the world in music, mass culture and literature.
Most of his best-known songs date back to the sixties, when the artist established himself as a key figure in the movement, the American protest movement. His first texts, strongly influenced by literature and American history, dealt with innovative political, social and philosophical themes, challenging the conventions of pop music and appealing to the counterculture of time.
Over the years, Dylan has expanded and customized his musical style to touch many different genres such as country, blues, gospel / spiritual, rock and roll, rockabilly, jazz and swing, but also popular English, Scottish and Irish music.
In addition to having in fact revolutionized the figure of contemporary singer-songwriter, Dylan owe, among other things, the conception of folk-rock (in particular with the album Bringing It All Back Home, 1965), the first single of success to have a non-commercial duration (the more than 6 minutes of the famous Like a Rolling Stone, 1965) and the first double album in the history of rock (Blonde on Blonde, 1966). The promotional video of the song Subterranean Homesick Blues (1965) is considered by some to be the first video clip ever. The album Great White Wonder (1969) has launched the bootleg phenomenon, while the triple anthology Biograph (1985) is considered the progenitor of the box set.