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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1980 - 26 July.3 August

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Three stories, three characters all played by Verdone. The first is an awkward young man, who meet a Spanish tourist in Rome. The second has planned a trip towards East with a suitcase full of stockings and biro pens. The last one is a hippy whose father tries to convince him to get back home.

Original Title UN SACCO BELLO
Italian Title UN SACCO BELLO
Category Out of competition
Section Review "Youth Problems in Contemporary Cinematography"
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 97'
Production Year 1980
Nationality Italy
Directed by Carlo Verdone
Screenplay Leonardo Benvenuti, Piero De Bernardi
Main cast Carlo Verdone, Renato Scarpa, Verónica Miriel

 regista carlo verdoneCARLO VERDONE

Carlo Gregorio Verdone (Rome, 17 November 1950) is an Italian director, actor, screenwriter and comedian.
He is the son of the film critic Mario Verdone, who, since he was a child, brought him closer to the world of cinema, and Rossana Schiavina. The paternal grandfather Oreste was a chemist originally from Pozzuoli, while his paternal grandmother, Assunta Casini, was from Siena. Mario Verdone was baptized and raised by the latter in Siena, more precisely in the district of Selva, and retained pride and a marked Senese accent throughout life.
After graduating from the Liceo Classico "Nazareno", he graduated with 110/110 cum laude in Modern Literature at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" with a thesis entitled Italian literature and silent film. To see the films covered by the thesis, he went with his father to Grado where he was able to attend the screenings in the presence of the silent film diva Francesca Bertini. The thesis supervisor was prof. Evelina Tarroni. Before graduating, Carlo Verdone also graduated in directing at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome.
Noteworthy, especially at the beginning of his career, his artistic activity turned to cabaret and, in particular, to television, with participation in programs characterized by an innovative cut (as in Non-stop in 1978, together with many other emerging actors) in which the figure of the guitto was revalued and brought back to its former splendor. Previously he had shot some spots for the popular Carosello show. Carlo Verdone has been delighting since he was very young in the amateur shooting of short films. He bought his first camera from Isabella Rossellini, who had to pay a huge phone bill and did not want to ask the father for money. Thus, for 80,000 lire, a considerable figure at the end of the sixties, it has an excellent Bolex Paillard.
Solar poetry (1969), Allegory of spring (1971) and Elegia notte (1973) are the first directing proofs by Carlo Verdone, inspired by the underground, shot in Super 8 mm format and lost by the Rai that had received them on loan from director for the preparation of a documentary dedicated to him.
His directorial debut of a feature film takes place with Un sacco bello, in 1980, where he plays several characters, bringing some of his television repertoire to the big screen. Produced by Medusa Distribuzione, Verdone is started with the techniques of shooting and running a set by Sergio Leone. The young director will consider him a very strict but vital teacher.