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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1980 - 26 July.3 August

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Unable to fly with its own wings, the bird looks envious at a happy group in flight. Looking at the other birds in flight, he gets an idea. It makes an engine to fly and reach the others. But the engine does not last long, it suddenly stops and the bird falls to the ground. Furious at his failure, he notices a small worm coming out of the engine. The bird tries to reach the worm which manages to escape both the bird and the vacuum cleaner. But in the end, while he is about to succumb to the scene, an elephant appears to put things right and so the little worm manages to save himself.

Original Title USISAČ
Category Official Competition
Festival Awards Special Prize (1980)
Section Official Competition
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 7'
Production Year 1980
Nationality Yugoslavia
Directed by Pavao Štalter

 regista pavao stalterPAVAO STALTER