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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1980 - 26 July.3 August

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Candy is abandoned during a winter night near a small orphanage, edited by Miss Pony and Sister Mary. The children of the house are occasionally adopted by couples without children. Everyone is hoping to be chosen except Candy who has sworn to her friend Annie to stay with her forever. But the streets of the girls are divided. Annie is adopted and also Candy by the rich Legan family. Here Candy is tormented by two other children in the family. Candy manages to endure her fate because she met a sweet and kind boy, Antony, who makes a sweet feeling of love bloom in his heart. Fate is furious and Antony loses his life by falling from his horse. Mr. William, the unknown benefactor who adopted the little girl, sends her to study in a prestigious boarding school in England. There, there will still be Iriza and Neil to torment her but also a boy whom she met on the ship, the charming Terence. Jealous Iriza makes sure that the two are discovered by themselves, in the stables at night. Terence leaves the college, Candy leaves for his research.

Original Title KYANDI KYANDI
Italian Title CANDY CANDY
Category Official Competition
Festival Awards Best Animated Feature (1980)
Section Official Competition
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 102'
Production Year 1979
Nationality Japan
Directed by Hiroshi Shidara
Screenplay Kyôko Mizuki, Shin'Ichi Yukimuro
Music Takeo Watanabe