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A kindly witch leaves her gullible assistant in charge of her home while she's away. He soon discovers her magic pasta pot and ends up making a big mess.

Italian Title STREGA NONNA
Category Official Competition
Section Official Competition
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 8'
Production Year 1977
Nationality Czechoslovakia, USA
Directed by Gene Deitch
Screenplay Gene Deitch
Original Voices Eduard Cupák

 regista Gene DeitchGENE DEITCH

Eugene Merril Deitch (born August 8, 1924) is a Czech-American illustrator, animator and film director. Based in Prague since 1959, Deitch is known for creating animated cartoons such as Munro, Tom Terrific, and Nudnik, as well as his work on the Popeye and Tom and Jerry series.
Deitch was born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of salesman Joseph Deitch and Ruth Delson Deitch.
In 1929, the family moved to California, and Deitch attended school in Hollywood. He graduated from Los Angeles High School in 1942, and began working for North American Aviation, drawing aircraft blueprints. In 1943, Deitch was drafted and underwent pilot training before catching pneumonia and being honorably discharged in May of the following year.
Beginning his cartooning and animation career, Deitch contributed covers and interior art to the jazz magazine The Record Changer.