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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1978 - 29 July.6 August

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The adventures of a young boy , who comes to live from city to a village during school vacations.

Original Title BENI ECËN VETË
Category Official Competition
Festival Awards Special Prize (1978)
Section Official Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 64'
Production Year 1975
Nationality Albania
Directed by Xhanfise Keko
Screenplay Kiço Blushi
Main cast Herion Mustafaraj, Pandi Raidhi, Dhorkë Orgocka

 regista keko xhanfiseXHANFISE KEKO

Xhanfise Keko (1928) is an important Albanian director of the 20th century. She was the first film director for Albanian children and considered the pioneer of that film genre in Albania. Keko is also the first woman director in Albania.
Xhanfise Keko was born on January 27, 1928 in Gjirokastra. He began his career as a composer, one of the seven founding members of Kinostudio "New Albania" in 1952. After a long experience as a documentary editor, he began his career as a director in 1971. For 13 years, until 1984 , Keko has made 12 features, which are still very popular today, especially for children. Made artistically, but also with educational value, the films of Xhanfise Kekos have dignity in international festivals. She won the First Festival Cup for the film "Beni walk alone" in 1976. Xhanfise Keko is also the first Estonian Albanian director with international awards. At the International Children's and Youth Film Festival in Giffoni Vallepiana (Italy), he won medals for the films "Enjoy yourself", "After the Tracks" and "Tomka and his Companions".