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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1977 - 30 July. 7 August

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The storyline is loosely based on the famous plot about the goat and her kids, published as "The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids" in Grimm's Fairy Tales and known to Romanian audience as Ion Creangă's "Capra cu trei iezi" ("The Goat and her Three Kids").

Original Title MAMA
Italian Title ROCK'N'ROLL WOLF
Category Official Competition
Festival Awards Special Prize (1977)
Section Official Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 83'
Production Year 1976
Nationality France, Romania, U.S.S.R.
Directed by Elisabeta Bostan
Main cast Lyudmila Gurchenko, Mikhail Boyarsky, Oleg Popov, Saveliy Kramarov, George Mihaita, Florian Pittiş

 regista elisabeta bostanELISABETA BOSTAN

Elisabeta Bostan (born 1 March 1931) is a Romanian film director and screenwriter. She has directed numerous films to date.