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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1977 - 30 July. 7 August

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This documentary by director Paul Cowan is about four athletes and a team that competed in the 1976 Olympics. They had trained courageously to be among those who would mount the podium to receive a medal. None of them did, but was it worth the effort? I'll Go Again answers the question.

Original Title I'LL GO AGAIN
Category Official Competition
Section Official Competition
Tipology Short Film, Documentary
Duration 41'
Production Year 1977
Nationality Canada
Directed by Paul Cowan

 regista Paul CowanPAUL COWAN

Paul Cowan is a Canadian filmmaker who spent the bulk of his career with the National Film Board of Canada.
Cowan was nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature for Going the Distance, a documentary about the Commonwealth Games. He was the director of the controversial docudrama The Kid Who Couldn't Miss and cinematographer on the Oscar-winning Flamenco at 5:15.