Parental Experience

Giffoni considers families its most valuable asset: they escort the youngest jurors in Cittadella every day, host and welcome in their homes girls and boys from 52 different countries. Therefore, they take part in the event with an open heart that makes them full-fledged Giffoners.

Parental experience is being developed with this precise purpose: to create a special section specifically designed for those parents that wish to be an active part of the festival.

For years now Giffoni has been offering daily screenings dedicated to families, often followed by a debate with the main cast of the film or with the director.

The 2018 edition has even got a brand new feature: Questa Spacca!, a series of workshops tailored to parents and focused on the understanding of slang used by new generations, with the help of indie, rap and trap music.

The format was created in collaboration with MN Holding, which is among the most important companies for artistic divulgation in Italy.  Questa Spacca! answers to the need of bringing closer the adults to the younger generations, and one of the most effective way to accomplish that is through language.

As it was challenging for yesterday’s children to make their parents understand why they loved the great singers and songwriters of the time, nowadays performers like Coez, Ghali or Calcutta appear mysterious and unintelligible to the adults. The workshops seek to bring these two languages together, the language of music and that of today’s youth, not by leaving out the parents, but by involving them.

The workshops will be held by experts in the field and high profiled people in the rap, trap and indie music scene.

Parental experience, that has always selected films with serious and strong thematics, will now offer this educational space dedicated to music and to our kids’ language.