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Big Wolf lives quite contentedly alone under his tree. One day he sees a Little Wolf approaching him who seems determined to keep him company. But Big Wolf has no need for his...

Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Animation, Short Film

Determined 15-year-old Lara is committed to becoming a professional ballerina. With the support of her father, she attends a new prestigious ballet school. Lara’s adolescent...

Category Out of competition
Section Parental Experience
Tipology Feature Film

Romulus and Remus, two shepherds and loyal brothers, end up taking part to a journey that will lead one of them to be the founder of the greatest nation ever seen. However, the...

Category Out of competition
Section Masterclass Cult
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film

Between two household chores, an old couple tells their grand-daughter their life story between Vietnam and France, during the war. Since their first meeting, when they were 20,...

Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Animation, Short Film