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Roberto is a 30-year-old mechanic on the verge of bankruptcy going to the bank to get a loan to save his business. But what was supposed to be a simple loan grotesquely turns into a robbery with a hostage. When it turns out that the money taken don’t belong to the bank but to a group of criminals, Rossi, along with his best friend BB, a former rally driver, and the hostage Soledad, a famous teen idol, run away across Italy. The daring escape of the three boys, between chases and shootings, will attract the public’s attention who will turn them into small modern heroes.

Category Out of competition
Section Parental Experience
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 102'
Production Year 2018
Nationality Italy
Directed by Marco Ponti
Screenplay Marco Ponti
Director of photography Roberto Forza
Editor Consuelo Catucci
Production Design Francesco Cotone
Music Gigi Meroni
Main cast Lorenzo Richelmy
Eugenio Franceschini
Matilda De Angelis
Antonio Gerardi
Massimiliano Gallo
Michela Cescon
Gigio Alberti
Libero De Rienzo
Mirko Frezza
Desirée Noferini
Alessandro Bernardini
Francesco Lattarulo
Produced by Federica Lucisano, Fulvio Lucisano, Marco Ponti

 regista Marco PontiMARCO PONTI
Marco Ponti was born in Avigliana (Turin) on 25 July 1967. A comics enthusiast, he perfected his writing studies with a master's degree in storytelling techniques at the Holden school. His work as a screenwriter sees him involved in collaborations with the Teatro Stabile di Torino and in several television productions. At the end of the 90s he perfected his career as a director with short films and he devoted himself to finishing the first draft of the screenplay IF I WERE YOU (2001), directed by Giulio Manfredonia. Hisdirectorial debut comes the following year with the social manifesto SAINT MARADONA (2002), the story of the post graduate hopes of young man Turin. The film earn him a David di Donatello as best newcomer. Following the award, he directs his second feature film, R / T ROUND + TRIP (2004), another generational comedy about disappointed and restless youth. While his career as a screenwriter continues with films such as THE PERFECT MAN (2005), CARDIOFITNESS (2006), Ponti approaches the music industry by shooting both a documentary dedicated to Jovanotti (LA LUNA DI GIORNO - UN RITRATTO IN MOVIMENTO) and a videoclip of Vasco Rossi (the single The world I would like). After co-founded Wonderland Entertainment, a production company based in Los Angeles, he returns to directing with A LIBERAL PASSION (2013), a crossroads of deployed characters, trapped in social roles they’ll redefine and rewrite. In 2015 he directed Riccardo Scamarcio and Laura Chiatti in the comedy IO CHE AMO SOLO TE, followed by LA CENA DI NATALE (2016).


Italian International Film (IIF)

Italian distribution
01 Distribution