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10-year-old Jovan has a partial cerebral palsy. His condition has shaped his everyday life and made him thinking of himself as invisible to others – to his parents and his classmates. Therefore, through the power of imagination the boy often escapes to a fantasy world, where he is free to be who he wants and to have super hero powers everyone dreams of. The (extra)ordinary life he is used to is suddenly shaken by a new classmate Milica. Step by step brave and determined Milica tears down the wall Jovan built around himself. The newly befriended girl invites him into real life adventure –to liberate her father from his new wife –Milica’s stepmother –who she believes is a witch, who cast a spell on him.

Original Title ZLOGONJE
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 86'
Production Year 2018
Nationality Macedonia, Serbia
Directed by Rasko Miljkovic
Screenplay Milos Krekovic, Marko Manojlovic
Based on the book "O dugmetu i sreći"
by Jasminka Petrovic
Director of photography Miksa Andjelic
Editor Djordje Markovic
Production Design Aljosa Spajic
Costume Design Milena Milenkovic
Music Nevena Glusica
Main cast Mihajlo Milavic
Silma Mahmuti
Jelena Djokic
Bojan Zirovic
Dubravka Kovjanic
Jelena Jovanova
Olga Odanovic
Milutin Milosevic
Stela Cetkovic
Milena Predic
Mateja Popovic
Vaja Dujovic
Produced by Jovana Karaulic

 regista Rasko MiljkovicRASKO MILJKOVIC
Rasko Miljkovic was born in Belgrade in 1991 and graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. After his student years he made several short films and documentaries, as well as numerous commercials and music videos. His short films include KRIS (2017) SAVE (2015), and TAKES THREE FOR A MURDER (2014) received support and awards locally and internationally. Rasko worked as lecturer for young talents at Basta Fest and Cinema City in Serbia. He made a series of promotional videos for different productions in Belgrade and nine short videos for Tourist Organization of Serbia. Worked as second unit director on web series #SAMOKAZEM which won IPA Satellite Award, he assisted on 24 episodes and directed two of them (episodes 7 and 18).

Director's statement
Our film broaches several grave and difficult subjects and an average viewer might doubt if they’re appropriate for a family film. Children are mostly born with serious capacities and potentials that we (the grown-ups) restrain and limit out of the best of intentions. We hide from them things that are, whether we like it or not, a part of our everyday life, completely normal, and sometimes proclaimed taboo in our narrow-minded environment for all the wrong reasons.  The issue of disability is largely either explained to children in the wrong way, because of ill informed parents who fear confessing to their children they don’t know everything, or, even worse, sometimes entirely evaded (for the same reasons), thus leaving children to form their opinions themselves, in an uncontrolled manner, with possible erroneous, pejorative stereotypes widely accepted in our society. However, I believe we live in times where children are communicated with ever more freely and openly, or at least that’s what’s being attempted globally, a trend I fully support. It seems to me that the healthiest and most sensible way is for these issues to be communicated with children through a medium they find accessible and entertaining, and this is the reason why film is an excellent communication platform.
My goal is primarily to make an adventure film, with children as leading actors, that will help the viewers to, just as Jovan does, escape for a moment to a fun and magical world of children’s imagination, through which they will manage to be introduced to all the problems Jovan is dealing with on a daily basis, but through which they will also conclude that even someone with physical limitations can be a good friend, a comrade and, ultimately, a hero.


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