How to become a Giffoni Experience partner

Giffoni Experience is the most important Italian event dedicated to  Children & Family.
This is also thanks to its "widespread and sharing"  mission which involves both the public and the partners of the event.
This is the reason behind the decision to let go of the "Giffoni Film Festival" description in 2009. Giffoni Experience is way more than just a festival and has been recognized as the most important event of its kind. Giffoni Experience is indeed a unique event where young People are core.  3.300 youth are in attendance to share an incredible Experience. The extraordinary Experience of the youth combined with the great satisfaction of their parents is pivotal for us.  This is why we try and make them feel part of the "magic mosaic" of the Festival. 
Giffoni Experience is also a solid project that firms and partners can Rely on offering great opportunities and visibility.