Friday, 26 July 2013 22:09

Redmayne: "It’s worth fighting for freedom"

It’s worth fighting for freedom of speech and expression. The film Les Misérables talks about a little story of a revolution which ends with a bloodbath. It’s incredible to see how such a novel, written more than 2 centuries ago, still is so relevant today”. Cheered at Sala Truffaut by the clapping of the excited audience, Eddie RedmayneMarius in the musical Les Misérables – has aroused jurors’ attention thanks to his marvelous voice. Gff  has given to Eddie Redmayne a special award: the Giffoni Experience Award as an acknowledgement of his brilliant career.


The British actor, guest star on 26 July at Giffoni Film Festival 43 edition, has started to sing the famous song “Do you hear the people sing”, which is like a symbol of the film. “I watched the musical when I was a child” - Redmayne said - “just a few years after I read the book. The real challenge consisted in transposing the work from theater to cinema, a very delicate and particular step. Personally, if I had to choose between Cosette and Éponine, I would prefer the second one. Even if I must admit that Amanda Michelle Seyfried performance is spectacular”.


Based upon homonymous Victor Hugo masterpiece, the cinema version of the show, scripted by Alain Boublil and orchestrated by Claude-Michel Schönberg, required the cast a great deal of commitment: “Every morning, before shooting started, we used to read newspapers” - Eddie continued - “We drew inspiration in our performances from current conflicts and revolutions”.


Great British documentary expert James Marsh has chosen him to play the role of Stephen Hawking - the luminary of science affected by progressive muscular atrophy, who interacts with the world thanks to a speech synthesis – in his 4° fiction movie, Theory of Everything, currently in pre-production. “I’m preparing the character” – the young actor explained – “and I need to study hard to perform this role”.


In 2013, instead, he started acting in the new Wachowski bros’ film “Jupiter Ascending” (the release is expected for 25 July 2014) alongside to Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. “I can’t say anything about the film” – he added – “But it was an amazing collaboration, Wachowski Bros have an unordinary imagination”.


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