#Giffoni2022 July 26th

A coming-of-age story based on identity, Prisma, in autumn on Prime Video, arrives at the Giffoni Film Festival with its creators and a representative group of the cast, to anticipate to the giffoners the topics of the serie. The story, Ludovico Bessegato (SKAM Italy) says, “Has a focus on the young people of 2000 which we try to understand to give them a voice. 
"One day, I had recently been appointed director at Pompeii, on my way home I was thinking about the separation between the site and the surrounding area, a difficult territory. And I asked myself what we could do to fix such distance". Thus, from the mind of Gabriel Zuchtriegel, the general director of Pompeii archaeological Park, begins to take shape what is now “Sogno di volare”.
A definitely... chilling preview! On July 26th Giffoni Film Festival presents Prey, the action thriller of the summer, coming on August 5th on Disney+.
Identity, aspirations and weakness: Prisma is Ludovico Bessegato's new TV series to be released on Prime Video next autumn.

Films in competition on July 26th

Tuesday, 26 July 2022 08:58
The sixth day of the Festival will feature films in competition dealing with the theme of transition from adolescence to the first typical problems of adulthood.