#Giffoni50Plus 30 July


"You are a skilled, self-determined, intelligent youth. During these days you have shown, together with us, that no one is allowed to speak on your behalf anymore. Your and Giffoni's freedom is untouchable and I will not allow anyone to contaminate it", said Claudio Gubitosi, Director and Founder of the Festival, at the closing meeting of the 52nd edition with the boys and the girls of Impact! in the Sala Blu of the Multimedia Valley.
Ninety passionate minutes. Don Luigi Ciotti builds an intense game of emotions with the young people of #Giffoni50Plus. 
After the eleven minutes of applause for Nanni Moretti's Tre piani at Cannes, Denise Tantucci enjoys all the energy of #Giffoni50Plus during the meeting in the Sala Truffaut powered by Comix before the signing of the 2022 agenda that sees her as a protagonist among the pages. 
Amazon Prime Video and Notorious Pictures offered a sneak peek of the first images of Fabio Mollo’s film Anni da cane (Dog Years). 
Can innovation be achieved in Campania, land of beauty and land of innovation? It is possible. 
He came to Giffoni to talk about industry, more precisely about film industry.  After all, this is the perfect place to do it. 
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