#Giffoni50Plus 28 July


Giffoni is the right place to talk about plans for young people. Fabiana Dadone, Minister for Youth Policies, realised this as soon as she arrived at the Cittadella del Cinema, welcomed by Giffoni’s director Claudio Gubitosi. 
"It is always exciting to come to Giffoni. Young people have great energy and a sincere hunger for new contents.
The magic of love lands at #Giffoni50Plus. Indeed, after travelling into the hearts of two young people on a scheduled flight from Ireland, it makes a stopover at the Cittadella del Cinema with the premiere of Finding you. 
"We come from the suburbs, where there was no place to meet. We occupied a cinema, we thought we'd stay there for two or three days but we stayed for a year and six months".
The human face of Defence and its ability to evolve, sniffing out the future, sometimes anticipating it, as well as important signs of openness towards the new, always with the ultimate goal of self-realisation and community, peace and international balance. 
"I recommend that when you grow up, you must be able to look at the world with the eyes of a child, as if it were the first time you were on a carousel in a beautiful amusement park". 
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