29 August #Giffoni50

Stories that change your life, the ones that make your day better. The same stories that open your eyes to new worlds and to an endless number of viewpoints. Stories are emotions, they are tales made of images and words, hearts and beats. 
Aiello is an adopted Roman but he is originally from Cosenza, and he is one of the new personalities of the Italian indie-pop scene. 
“A unique experience. It is the first time that a film is screened again in theatres after the lockdown. Thank you, Giffoni”. The topic of the Masterclass Cult is film writing, featuring the critic Nick Vivarelli, in the role of assistant director, together with Fabrizio Laurenti, director and screenwriter. 
A video clip from the film “L’ultima gara” premieres at #Giffoni50. The film is directed by Raoul Bova and Marco Renda. The Roman actor, who is currently working as an actor in the new TV series “Buongiorno mamma”, could not  be physically at Sala Verde, Multimedia Valley. 

Short films in competition on August 29th

Saturday, 29 August 2020 09:14
It is the last day for the Giffoners+13 at #Giffoni50 who are going to judge 7 short films, screened starting from 10 am at Sala Galileo and Sala Truffaut.
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