27 August #Giffoni50

“I am happy and honoured to be here, it is always a pleasure. And it is not rhetorical: the magic of Giffoni is unique”. 
“Giffoni is an extraordinary laboratory of ideas, where young people look to the future without borders. The Festival’s claim - what happens here improves the world - is perfect, because the ideas that are born in this magical place do change life, and must turn into solutions. This is why being here means being in the home of innovation to me”. 
“When I was a teacher I could talk to my classes. Today I have eight million students. For me this is a source of great joy. Being able to take care of them is an honour”. 
She is at home at Giffoni and she had to be here for the fiftieth edition. The Deputy Mariastella Gelmini speaks about the emotions she feels for the fiftieth edition of the Festival, which happened despite the current situation.
The applause during the screening of The Great Alaskan Race (distributed by Notorious Pictures in Italian theatres on September 3rd and premiering at #Giffoni50) echoed in all the Cittadella del Cinema and Multimedia Valley in Giffoni Valle Piana. 
Acting means living to him, coming out of reality and delving into it at the same time: Lorenzo Zurzolo, protagonist of the series Baby and the film Sotto il sole di Riccione, both for Netflix, comes to Giffoni with the spontaneity and simplicity of the people who believe in dreams in such an intense way that they come true.
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