22 August #Giffoni50

The first part of #Giffoni50, dedicated to the Generators +16 and Generators +18, is over. From Tuesday the new section dedicated to the Generators +13 will begin. 
Serena Rossi took part in #Giffoni50 as well, and she is delighted about the Festival: “I’m in love with you all, this is one of those experiences that you carry inside you and charges you with emotions for life - she told the Generators+18 - you give me enthusiasm, magic, all those things that adults sometimes forget”.
“I am here because this is where we will be launching a wonderful initiative next year”. Alessandra Priante, Director of the Regional Department for Europe at World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), did not hide her enthusiasm from the young people of Giffoni Impact. 
Katherine Langford, the teen idol of the Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why and Cursed (besides the cult film, Love, Simon), promised the #Giffoni50 jurors to learn Italian: “I’m sorry – the 24-year-old Australian actress said – I can’t speak your language but, before coming back to the Festival live next year, I will do my best to learn it”.
A new Giffoni during new times. The creator and founder Claudio Gubitosi talks about amazement, due to a magic that is being renewed. Despite the difficult times, the ones of Covid-19, the ones of social distancing.
Giffoni Film Festival proves itself as a unique and immersive experience, any way you live it. The health emergency could not stop the ability of the Festival to gather people together. 
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