19 August #Giffoni50

“Being here makes me feel so good, it feels like home”. Matilde Gioli, one of the protagonists of DOC - Nelle tue mani, joins the #Giffoni50 with simplicity and elegance. 
Getting back up after falling and finding themselves stronger. The Unbreakables meet the Impact masterclassers.
Dreaming of building a future, of emancipating from the reality in which one is born. Cinema, music and art as tools to rescue street kids who grew up in the poorest suburbs of the city. 

Rainbow and Giffoni: double birthday

Wednesday, 19 August 2020 14:34
Rainbow turns 25. The global content company founded by Iginio Straffi, pride of Made in Italy, has won the hearts of entire generations of children and teenagers all over the world. 
“Good morning and thanks a lot”: Bryan Cranston greets the Sala Trauffault of #Giffoni50, which he already visited in person a couple of years ago.

Films In Competition On August 19th

Wednesday, 19 August 2020 08:44
Sorrow, friendship and pain, but also a spirit of revenge, courage and resourcefulness are the central themes of the films competing today.