The jurors of the Giffoni Film Festival 49th edition, through the prizes awarded to the short films, chosen to send out a powerful message: no geographical boundaries, no prejudices, no differences can limit the 
State Secretary for Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism Lucia Borgonzoni has visited Giffoni once again. Last year, about one month after starting her commission, Undersecretary Borgonzoni had the chance 
Stories exploring the present with deep sensitivity
Apart from her undeniable talent, proved by the wide variety of roles played over an almost forty-year long career, on her visit yesterday to Giffoni 2019 Elena Sofia Ricci also showed a deep sensibility, getting moved to tears by 
Giffoni 2019 welcomed President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, who had the chance to visit the Multimedia Valley and see first-hand the high-quality facilities built as part of Community planning which have 
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