Monday, 05 December 2022 16:30

Giffoni’s shorts roundly applauded: in Madrid, Italia Experience gives kids moments of joy and sharing

The allure of cinema captivates kids. A crowded theater, a great story being told through music, dialogue and images on the big screen. Emotions shared with others. The magic of cinema fascinated giffoners on the third day of ItaliaExperience in Spain, the Giffoni project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture – Directorate­-Generalfor Cinema and Audiovisual. The initiative is carried out with the support of the 15th edition of the Madrid Italian Film Festival, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute, directed by Marialuisa Pappalard

With its creative energy, with its stories to be enjoyed amid happiness, laughter and sometimes even a few tears, cinema is an extraordinary opportunity for growth. There was space for the best Italian short films, selected by Giffoni and proposed to kids aged 3 to 5 and to their families. Among the titles were ABOVE by Marco Savini, IOU by Luca Pierri Pilotti, DO NOT CROSS by Flora Dovigo and Massimo Vignati, EL CHARANGO by Paola Luciani, IL PICCOLO GALAGO by Anita Verona and Francesco Catarinolo, PAPA IS BIG, I'M SMALL by Anya Ru and Masha Rumyantseva and QUALCUNO HA DETTO MOSTRO? by Francesco Forti.

Giffoners aged 6 to 9 were equally keen and enthusiastic as they followed with great excitement the adventures of the protagonists of VULCANO by Margherita Abbruzzi, Serena Miraglia, Giada Rizzi and Lara Zizzi, NEL MARE CI SONO I COCCODRILLI by Rosalba Vitellaro, OSSIGENO by Beatrice Sancinelli, L'OCCHIO DELLA BALENA by Giorgia Bonora, Lucia Shimmenti, Franciana Ramos and Tess Tagliaferro and GIULIA E IL CAPOPOSTO by Antonio Maria Castaldo.

Lastly, here are the films screened for kids aged 10 to 12: LE PICCOLE COSE by Emiliano Galigani, LUCE & ME by Isabella Salvetti, TANA LIBERA TUTTI by Valerio Filardo, IL NOSTRO TEMPO by Veronica Spedicati and KLOD by Giuseppe Marco Albano.