Wednesday, 14 September 2022 09:11

Giffoni flies to Georgia: cooperation with Taoba International Youth Film Festival continues

General Manager Jacopo Gubitosi in Tbilisi: "We are united by the same vision. Our partnership will be a long-lasting one"

Finally, Giffoni is back to traveling, allowing its young people to share valuable experiences abroad in terms of culture, social relations and the discovery of new places and people. Until September 18, three giffoners - Luisa Fiore Annunziata, Viviana Verzella and Benedetta Vitolo - accompanied by Giusy Rago from Giffoni Jury Department, will be in Tbilisi to take part in the 5th edition of the Taoba International Youth Film Festival. An extraordinary experience that is thrilling the hearts of these three young women. There has always been a very strong bond with Georgia, and that is precisely why it is even more beautiful and exciting that Giffoni's journey starts precisely from this wonderful country, which is so full of potential. Taoba's director Levan Dvali has been attending Giffoni for years now and has had the opportunity to assimilate a model that is a worldwide benchmark. Also visiting Tbilisi are Giffoni General Manager Jacopo Gubitosi and Davide Russo, head of institutional relations.

“There’s a common thread that links Giffoni to Taoba International Youth Film”, said Jacopo Gubitosi during the opening ceremony of the festival, “namely the sharing of a vision. We are also united by the purpose of our projects, which are made for young people and with young people. Levan has been visiting Giffoni for years and this has allowed for a solid and greatly constructive relationship. Our cultures were able to meet each other and influence one another in a fruitful way. This is what our Festivals are all about: spreading ideas, giving young people the chance to broaden their minds, to increase their knowledge, to feel free to explore, research and gain experience. I am sure this cooperation will go on for a long time. We have ideas, we have energy, we have passion. Young people represent hope not just for the future but for the present, too. Let us work for them and together with them in order to build a better world”.